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CNIC Program Management Oversight Support For Commander

Navy Installations Command Headquarters (HQ)CNIC PMOS procures professional services in the areas of program management, engineering, logistics, financial management and administrative support for CNIC Headquarters. There are eight (8) Headquarter Program Directors (HPD) responsible for lifecycle management of their respective programs throughout eleven (11) regions. This IDIQ MAC allows CSA to compete with four other awardees to provide consulting support for the management, information technology, organization and business management efforts of CNIC. Contract ceiling is estimated at $110 million.


Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise III (SITE III) is DIA’s third consecutive IDIQ contract to address the evolving information technology (IT) requirements vital to the security of the United States. The contract enables worldwide coverage for integrated IT intelligence requirements and technical support services to the DIA and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

Joint Staff MAC

The Joint Staff (JS) MAC contract provides provide contractor support in the form of non-personal services, joint training, and operations support across the entire enterprise of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS or simply JS) and components of the JS such as Chairman Controlled Activities (CCA). This includes the full spectrum of These tasks include, but are not limited to: cybersecurity, exercise and event design, planning, execution and analysis, concept development, capabilities and solutions, planning, scheduling, logistics, modeling, simulation architecture design, simulation model management and operations, around-the- clock simulation pipeline operations, intelligence, scenario development, database builds and tests, distributed learning, courseware development, event response and control cells, assessment, and facility operations, as well as development of future joint training environments, and the test and evaluation of proposed new equipment using the existing joint training environment resources.

This multiple-award contract allows CSA to compete against four other awardees for task orders to support the JS J7 develop and enable trained, ready and adaptable Joint and coalition forces for the regional and functional Combatant Commands. Contract ceiling is estimated at $636 million.


Mission Training Complex Capabilities Support (MTCCS) is an IDIQ MAC structured for maximum flexibility in providing for an expedited ordering process in order to satisfy the needs of customers primarily at the Army Service Component Commands (ASCC), Army Corps, and Direct Reporting Units (DRU). This contract may be utilized at any MTC location worldwide. This IDIQ MAC allows CSA to compete against four other awardees for task orders to support the following four task areas: Training, Technical and Communications, Plans and Operations, and Logistics. The contract ceiling is estimated at $975 million.


The Navy’s MPTE contract provides the Navy’s Chief Information Officer for the Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education Enterprise with Technical Support Services including IT enterprise architecture, portfolio management, governance operations, and information management/information technology requirements management. This IDIQ MAC allows CSA to compete against four other awardees for task orders to support the Navy N1 and the Bureau for Personnel in multiple Continental United States locations. Contract ceiling is estimated at $980 million.


SeaPort Next Generation (NxG) is the Navy’s new electronic platform for acquiring support services in 23 functional areas including systems engineering, software development, research and development, system design, financial analysis, quality assurance, configuration management, IT and logistics support. NxG will replace the contracting service vehicle SeaPort-e.

NxG may be used by all Navy major commands and agencies except Naval Air Systems Command.

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