Training & Simulation

Advanced training and simulation for military missions to ensure combat readiness and success.

Our Capabilities

Live, Virtual, Constructive & Gaming

We engineer, operate, protect, maintain and defend Live, Virtual, Constructive, and Gaming simulation systems to create realistic and challenging training events.

Exercise Planning & Execution

We plan, execute and assess training events. Our team examines doctrine, plans, policies and procedures to meet operational needs, enhance unity of effort, and enrich the training environment, ensuring our warfighters are fully prepared for any challenge.

Individual & Collective Training

We provide leader, individual, collective and mission command training and exercise support to prepare U.S., NATO, and partner nations for any mission. We utilize our proven methods and expert training, so our warfighters are prepared for any challenge in the battle field.

Courseware and Curriculum Development and Delivery

Our expert team utilizes the latest tools and technologies to develop and deliver training that prepares today's military personnel for diverse scenarios they may face in the field.

Joint Multinational Exercises

We provide logistics, transportation, technical support and communication solutions to ensure exercise success. Our comprehensive range of services helps enable effective collaboration and coordination between military units and nations participating in Joint Multinational Exercises (JMEs).

C4I Integration

CSA provides tailored C4I integration solutions to enable efficient and streamlined communication and coordination to improve overall operational effectiveness. We ensure warfighters are equipped with the latest technologies for seamless communication and optimal readiness.

Synthetic Environment Integration

We provide military units with realistic and complex training scenarios that prepare them for real-world situations to enhance readiness and effectiveness, leading to more successful missions and greater safety for personnel.

Featured Insights

CMMI-SVC Logo on white background with CSA logo.

CSA Achieves CMMI Level 3 for Services

CSA's project operations division was appraised at Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) for Services Maturity Level 3.

Disaster Response Operations

Fighting a natural disaster from the ground floor using Disaster Response Operations.

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